When Padma had the vision of reaching 7 tribal areas, his plan was to reach them with the gospel of Jesus by meeting physical needs such as fresh water and medical care.  Sometimes clothing and blankets were a great need as well.  The people were so very sick with illnesses that could be so easily treated.  But the people had no way of getting to or paying for a doctor.  Without Jesus, the idea of healing was foreign.

It was found that simple, good, clean water could alleviate many of the medical needs.  Water is not easy to come by in the rocky, mountainous regions these target groups were are in.  Sometimes the drillers had great difficulty.  Sometimes they watched a pastor walk away, call on his God, asking for water, to then watch provision.  Yes, God is in the waiting.  How else would the drillers have seen His mighty hand?

The average cost to give clean, fresh, suitable water to a village is $1,000 (U.S.) This is a base price. It goes up from there depending on what the drillers encounter. Want to be part of making change happen? Email!

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