Children’s Home

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In June of 2008, Padma made his rounds to the villages he’d been unable to reach because of his stolen bike. His “legs” to ministry. Upon visiting one of the villages, he found 7 children recently orphaned. Three parents to snake bites, one to a tree branch falling on her head on her way to her husband screaming from the bite. No one was caring for the children. Padma went home and prayed with Dorthi, and they decided to take these children. In July of 2008 the Angela Children Home opened. The following year 5 more were added. Four were “illegal” children who were left in the railyard somewhere between five and six years old. They begged for food from the passengers. When Padma happened upon them he began to share his food with them. Then he told them that if they would meet him everyday he would bring them food. The children at home were asked to pray. Then they came to Padma and said, “Daddy, you take such good care of us, feed us less so that you have more to give them”. Those four and another found on the road side were added to the Children home.