Sewing Training Centers

After meeting some physical and spiritual needs, God put it on Padma’s heart that the ladies (beginning with tribes 1 and 2), mostly widows, needed a way to make their own living.  A house was rented for 10 months, teachers hired, machines purchased, and student’s came to work very hard six days a week to learn tailoring.  The teacher worked all day, teaching two classes, one in the morning and one in the evening.  Yes, six days a week!

They were to then begin to teach ladies from the 3rd and 4th tribal areas.  The problem is that each lady trained is sharing a machine.  To share and then to also use that time to further train is a difficulty.  Many more machines are needed, desperately.  We have since had another 6 months of training a whole new group of students just finishing up the end of winter of 2013.  The cost of running a sewing center is now about $200 a month.  This class was  held on the AFM campus saving the cost of renting a house.  We would also like to see a center in another village where there is a church building that can be used.

If you would like to purchase a sewing machine for this ministry, or sponsor a clinic for 6 months you would bless so many people with a skill set for their livelihood.  The cost for a machine is $200. Please email us so that we can contact you with further information to get involved.